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emacs21 -q vs. emacs -q

Excuse me, just curious, if they are all linked together,
$ ls -l /usr/bin/emacs* /etc/alternatives/emacs*|sed 's@[^/]*@@'
/etc/alternatives/emacs -> /usr/bin/emacs21
/usr/bin/emacs -> /etc/alternatives/emacs
/usr/bin/emacs21 -> emacs21-x
Then why does
$ emacs21 -q
$ emacs -q
give different results?  Must be one's ~/.Xresources
OK, never mind.  Hmm, maybe one doesn't need .Xresources to customize
it anymore, and can do it all from .emacs .  Ok, I'll maybe experiment
with that, next afterlife.  (Installed: 21.2-5 only, due to modem)
http://jidanni.org/ Taiwan(04)25854780

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