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Re: cutting and copying and pasting in emacs.

>>>>> "Matthew" == Mirabella, Mathew J <Mathew.Mirabella@team.telstra.com> writes:

Matthew> Hi all.  I ran into a slight difficulty.  In emacs, i realise
Matthew> you can do C-w and C-SPC to cut tetxt from a buffer which can
Matthew> then be yanked into a buffer with C-Y.  However, if you are
Matthew> reviewing a buffer that is read only, you cannot grab the text
Matthew> out in this way.  So is there a command in emacs which allows
Matthew> you to copy a block rather than cut it.


BTW, please wrap your lines at around 72-ish characters.  Also, this
question is more suited to gnu.emacs.help, since it is not Debian

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