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Re: multiple gnus files

Dan> Hmmm, grep /gnus$ on my load-path shows only

Dan> /usr/share/emacs21/site-lisp/gnus
Dan> /usr/share/emacs/21.2/site-lisp/gnus
Dan> /usr/share/emacs/21.2/lisp/gnus

Dan> i.e. /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/gnus/ isn't even on the load-path

It isn't supposed to be; if it were, it would be reported as "load
path shadow" by Emacs.

The thing is, Debian does something a bit unexpected with elisp files:
it stores the compiled .elc files in a different place from the
sources.  It does that to make it possible to upgrade one's Emacs
without upgrading each and every unbundled lisp package.

Only the directories with the .elc files should be on the path.

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