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Re: change in Debian emacs policy: make global enabling of add-on lisp packages optional

D.Goel <deego@gnufans.org> wrote:

> > 
> > A typical emacs package has little effect unless you explicitly invoke it.
> While that is supposed to be true, it has been very untrue in
> practice, IME.  Here are some examples of the top of my head:
> * Installing maxima makes my emacs N new functinos with ~ N namespaces,
> and N is very large. 
> * Installing ilisp makes emacs bind C-c <letter> which broke my .emacs.
> * Installing remem makes emacs bind C-c <letter> which broke my .emacs.
> Remem did allow the user to override this binding in .emacs, but that
> either means that each user should have to change their .emacs just
> because the admin decided to install remem, or that the sysadmin
> should have to modify init files.
> * Installing html-helper-mode luckily did not break my .emacs but it
> did override some of my C-c <letter> bindings (though, luckily, only
> in the html-helper-mode) which it is not supposed to do.

I'd file bug reports against all of them.  Major modes aren't supposed
to touch C-c <letter> bindings (only C-c C-<letter>), they are left to
to end user.


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