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printing from mule (russian/german)


I am having problems with printing a text with different scripts
(russian/german or english) in debian (woody).

I have so far successfully entered the text with emacs mule (under X),
it can be thought of as a russian german (english) vocabulary book,
i.e. russian (cyrillic) and german or english (latin) words side by

mule gave me the choice of how to save the text, I chose utf-8
- which seems appropriate to me, however I am open to other ideas
here as well (saving in emacs-mule i.e. internal format etc.)

I installed 
  xfonts-cyrillic (dont't know if this was necessary)

I also installed
  gsfonts-other (besides gsfonts)
in the hope this would give nice printing results, but HET [njet, :-(]

printing from emacs internally with
gives me 
  Font for some characters not found (continue anyway)
- yes I did continue, but the resulting ps 
has empty little letter boxes
If I at least knew which font was missing!
Other ways of producing ps (enscript/a2ps) didn't
work for me either.

I am still hoping there should be an easy way,
(installing a particular debian pkg) instead of
digging in the mud of fonts.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Andreas

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