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Re: How to use left mouse for Xaw3d scoll bar?

Hi John!

Thanks for the advice. If those are my only options, I'll stick to using the middle mouse for now. Partly because I am a staunch Motif hater, and partly because I am too lazy to compile my own Emacs packages when there are (except for this issue) very nice pre-compiled Debian packages available.

Appreciate your suggestion though; it's not your fault I'm a bit bone-headed on these two issues :-).

If somebody else has a suggestion that doesn't involve using Motif or building my own Emacs I'd love to hear about it!

  Cheers //Johan

PS: I'm under the impression that Emacs has support for Motif, but not for GTK+. Is that so? In that case, anybody but me find this weird?

John Paul Wallington wrote:

Johan Walles <d92-jwa@nada.kth.se> writes:
How do I tell Emacs21 (or Xaw3d?) to let me drag scroll bars using the
left mouse button instead of the default middle one?

Dunno.  However, if you configure Emacs --with-x-toolkit=motif then
the scrollbars can be dragged with buttons 1 and 2.

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