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Re: Emacs21 on stable - any joy?

Hubert Chan <hackerhue@geek.com> writes:

>>>  Quick and dirty package of Emacs 21:
>>> http://people.debian.org/~kitame/emacs21/
> But if you're patient, the Debianized sources are there too, so you can
> build your own packages.

Many thanks - I built debs from the sources there and it seeme to go
smoothly. Now, however, have an Emacs21 which crashes whenever I do C-x 1
or try to reply in Gnus - those keystrokes send it diving for cover!

I tried commenting out all but the load paths in .emacs and even tried it
without .emacs, but the same behaviour resulted.

Any wisdom on where I might start with this one?

Debian 2.2r3 trying to run Emacs21


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