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Re: debian-startup.el question

Rob Browning wrote:

> I'm about to be working hard on the emacs21 package which needs to be
> done immediately, so expect to see a lot of noise out of me shortly.

Good stuff!
> On the bright side, I expect that *many* of the long-standing emacs20
> bugs will be ready for retirement -- I'm wondering if I should bother
> reassigning them to emacs21 and then close them, or if I should just
> tag them 'wontfix.

There are a _lot_ of them.  How long will you maintain an emacs20
package once the much better emacs21 is out?

It needs a lot of work, but I guess they should be checked again
on emacs21 and:

 fixed on emacs21 -> tag 'wontfix.
 not fixed on emacs21 and an upstream bug -> forward it upstream
 not fixed on emacs21 and a Debian bug -> fix it.

Some of the bugs seem misplaced.  I think we should do stuff like
#40474 now (Emacs packages should use --no-site-file
--no-init-file for compilation) but I'm pretty sure that's up to
the add-on elisp packages and not the emacs20 package.

Would you like a group of developers help maintain the emacs20/21



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