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Re: debian-startup.el question

Peter S Galbraith <GalbraithP@dfo-mpo.gc.ca> writes:

> I'm wondering what the rationale is for the following snippet of
> code in debian-run-directories :
>          (if debug-on-error
>              (load-file file)
>            (condition-case ()
>                (load file nil)
>              (error (message "Error while loading %s" file)))))
> What is the intent behind running `load-file' if debug-on-error
> is true?  `load-file' differs from `load' in that it does not
> search the load-path; the full file path must be specified, which
> is not the case here.

Not sure, I didn't write that :> But I'll check it out shortly.

> If others agree, I'll file a bug report against emacsen-common.


> It shouldn't be an issue, except that the emacs21 prerelease I
> have always thinks debug-on-error is true even when it isn't and
> I always get the following error when running:

OK.  I'll need to fix this shortly.

I'm about to be working hard on the emacs21 package which needs to be
done immediately, so expect to see a lot of noise out of me shortly.

On the bright side, I expect that *many* of the long-standing emacs20
bugs will be ready for retirement -- I'm wondering if I should bother
reassigning them to emacs21 and then close them, or if I should just
tag them 'wontfix.


Rob Browning
rlb @defaultvalue.org, @linuxdevel.com, and @debian.org
Previously @cs.utexas.edu
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