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Building a package that uses goto-addr.el


I'm building a package (eicq) that uses goto-addr.el. I have found out
that goto-addr.el is included in mule2-support - and now for my

1. Should I make my new package depend on mule2-support? The only
   "extern" package that eicq needs is goto-addr.el and mule2-support
   includes quite a few other packages (that eicq doesn't need). So
   maybe it's overkill to use mule2-support and better to include
   goto-addr.el directly in the eicq package?

2. If I use mule2-support the different files in that package doesn't
   get automatically loaded. Therefor I've included this in my startup
   file for eicq:

   (load-library "/usr/share/mule/19.34/lisp/goto-addr.elc")

   Is this the right way to use mule2-support?


zoonet.dk                                                  jeSPer Holm

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