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Re: Strange behavior with locale settings

On Fri, 07 Sep 2001, scheme@cmmail.com wrote:
> After I upgraded from woody to sid, I found problems with displaying
> Chinese in X. 


> When I comment "export LANG=zh_CN.GB2312" or "export
> LANGUAGE=zh_CN.GB2312" and uncomment "export LC_ALL=zh_CN.GB2312", all
> problems disappear except one.
> That is, Emacs and XEmacs cannot recognize file pathnames in the Dired
> buffer: complaining that "No file on this line". I regularly use
> (X)Emacs and disabling this feature is very frustrating to me.

Dired depends on a set of regular expressions to be able to identify the
month and so on in the output of ls. When it's not running in LOCALE 'C'
or something close to it, it can't do this.

You want to look at the variables `dired-re-month-and-time',
`dired-re-permissions' and so forth -- the pattern `^dired-re-.*$' will
get the values.

Then you should get Dired working again. I can't help with anything
else, I fear.

This is true for XEmacs, at least in the recent releases. I can't speak
for GNU Emacs, either. Sorry.


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