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Strange behavior with locale settings

After I upgraded from woody to sid, I found problems with displaying Chinese in X. Initially I thought it's related to x-ttcidfont-conf, but that proves to be not the case.

Later on I spot the problem to be caused by xlib, as when I launch XEmacs it reports an xim-xlib warning saying that it cannot set locale and is using C instead.

Thought all the required gb2312 fonts are available under X, as evidenced with "xlsfonts", some gnome applications cannot make use of it, such as gnome-pim.

In short, I cannot make use of XIM server such as Chinput except with crxvt-gb and some applications cannot correctly display Chinese.

When I comment "export LANG=zh_CN.GB2312" or "export LANGUAGE=zh_CN.GB2312" and uncomment "export LC_ALL=zh_CN.GB2312", all problems disappear except one.

That is, Emacs and XEmacs cannot recognize file pathnames in the Dired buffer: complaining that "No file on this line". I regularly use (X)Emacs and disabling this feature is very frustrating to me.

Solutions: 1. How to make it work properly with "LANG" setting rather than "LC_ALL"? 2. Alternatively, how to make (X)Emacs work properly with the "LC_ALL=zh_CN.GB2312" setting?

Comments are most welcome!

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