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Re: edict.el

At 22 Apr 2001 00:17:58 +0200,
Roland Mas wrote:
> I packaged edict.el[1] and associated files just tonight for my
> personal use.  I uploaded it to <http://people.debian.org/~lolando/>,
> so that you can get it with the apt-lines mentioned on the index page.
>   I wondered if it was worth uploading to unstable.  I know edict.el
> is part of Xemacs, so it is somehow already in Debian.  If there's
> already a package for Emacs users and I overlooked it, please tell me,
> otherwise I'll probably upload edict-el it in a few days.  I have seen
> no reference to "edict" in the WNPP pages.

Interesting. would you upload it? :)

However, I cannot invoke edict.el on emacs20, mule.
Anything wrong? Should I edit my .emacs adding any settings?

-- gotom

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