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sendmail8.9 on debian 2.2

sendmail8.9 on debian 2.2 

>This for your information. 

>1. Mail from Debian/root to yahoo is going.
>2. But when I try to reply it from Yahoo i find that
>the email address is root@debian.shivsoft.com instead
>of root@shivsoft.com. See here it has attached
>"debian" my Linux server name in front of



Also check 'cf/README' to see if you need the
`masquerade_envelope' and `allmasquerade' features.

>3. i am also able to fetchmail to debian but cannot
>redirect to others on LAN
>4. Is fetchmail required for sendmail

No, fetchmail is not required for sendmail. Whether it
is required
for what you are doing with email, I cannot tell.


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