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Re: emacsen: need plan to fix leftover cruft in share/emacs/XX.Y...


        Well, how do we handle the possibility of having an add-on
 package that is only good for emacs-20.6, but conflicts with
 something in emacs 20.7? 

	Seems to me the bug here is packages not removing cruft from
 the site-lisp directories; the solution should be to fix the add-on
 packages, not to go through contortions and changing our packaging. 

	We already uninstall all add-on packages during an emacsen
 upgrade; and that is when non-buggy add-on packages clean up. On
 re-installing addon packages with the new emacsen, we re-populate the
 sitelisp dir. 

	I vote we file important bugs against the packages in question
 (for violating emacsen policy); and not change policy to accomodate
 buggy packages. That, apart from being wriong, really sets a bad

	incidentally, how many packages are guilty of leaving cruft
 behind, so we have an handle on the size of the problem?

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