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Re: Debian Menu System for Emacsen

On Wed, Dec 06, 2000 at 05:20:37PM +0900, Masato Taruishi wrote:
> [I'm not in debian-emacsen list so please reply cc me]

> Some times ago, I wrote menu-method files to support Debian menu system
> on emacsen i.e. for xemacs21 and mule2, at first. To use this feature,
> I can run elisp programs to have a menu file from xemacs21/mule2 menu
> with a mouse :)

This sounds cool, is it possible to get a copy to play with?  I'd been
thinking of doing something similar, but it sounds like you've gotten
much further than I have.

> I guess that it's better that Debian emacsen support Debian menu system.
> Is anyone interested in the topic?

I think it's definitely worth discussing.  Might I suggest that you go
ahead and join the debian-emacsen list?  It's very low volume.  (Not a
bit like debian-devel.)

It would be nice to have emacs-based apps register themselves with the
menu system.  I assume you're using something like ':needs="emacs"'?

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