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Re: emacs21 pre-test package

>>"Janusz" == Janusz S Bień <jsbien@mimuw.edu.pl> writes:

 Janusz> I am a pretester of Emacs 21 and I am quite interested in testing also
 Janusz> its Debian module.

	The correct place to reveal that location is the pretest
 mailing list. 

 Janusz> Access to the pretest was intended to be limited, but its
 Janusz> address is systematically revealed by Kan'ichi Handa on mule
 Janusz> list, so its confidentiality should not be treated too
 Janusz> seriously.

	I am not sure of the provenance of the mule mailing list, but
 was the leak sanctioned by the people in charge of the pre-test? If
 not, one leak does not sanction others.

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