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Re: emacs21 pre-test package

>>>>> "Manoj" == Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:

    >>> "Takuo" == Takuo KITAME <kitame@northeye.org> writes:
    Takuo> is here, http://people.debian.org/~kitame/emacs21/

    Takuo> Just test, quick and dirty package.

    Manoj> 	Please take this off that site. One of the understanding of the
    Manoj> pre test was that this is not for wide spread distribution. (why do
    Manoj> you think that the sources are not in a publically readable
    Manoj> directory?)

Just out of curiosity, what is in emacs21?  From the description on the emacs
web page, it looks like they're copying xemacs' functionality into emacs.  Is
this right?  And what do they mean by "nicer menus and scroll bars"?  Could it
be gtk?  And finally, does anyone want to comment on when we might be seeing a
real release?


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