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Re: emacs support in dpkg

J r me Marant wrote:

> Wichert has revoved some emacs-relating things from the recent
> release of dpkg.
> This is an extract of the dpkg 1.7.2 debian/changelog :
> * No longer bother to install emacs things. I don't use emacs myself
>      and can't support that properly.
> More details in the ChangeLog :
> * debian/50dpkg-dev.el, scripts/debian-changelog-mode.el: removed
> Could you please integrate this in emacsen packages ?

Whoever does that (Rob?), please use this version instead:


and then we can close bugs #61226 and #61524.

If debian-changelog-mode.el goes into emacsen-common (the most
logical plcae), then, Rob, you are free to take over upstream
maintenance of debian-changelog-mode.el if you wish.  Let me know
so I can delete that version (so we don't confuse users).

If nothing happens and debian-changelog-mode.el is
abandonned. I'll eventually upload a new separate package for
it.  But I don't think that would be beneficial to anyone to have
it packaged separately.


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