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Re: JDE Package(s)

>>>>> On 14 Nov 2000 17:03:45 -0500, Michael Welsh Duggan <md5i@cs.cmu.edu> said:

 Michael> I am in the new maintainer queue and intend to adopt the jde
 Michael> package.  The current maintainer, Ruud de Rooij
 Michael> <ruud@ruud.org>, has offered to sponsor any packages I
 Michael> create in the meantime.

 Michael> Now, the current JDE sources have some dependencies on some
 Michael> other packages, which have seperate upstream sources.  These
 Michael> are:

 Michael> Updated speedbar and semantic bovinator.

 Michael> Now, these could be packaged as part of jde, or as seperate
 Michael> packages themselves.  My insticts would be to package the
 Michael> whole as two packages (contacting upstream maintainers as
 Michael> appropriate): jde speedbar (which would include the
 Michael> bovinator)

 Michael> The jde package would depend on speedbar and elib.

 Michael> Note that speedbar is part of both the Xemacs and Emacs
 Michael> packages.  Emacs20 has an older version, whereas the
 Michael> xemacs21 package has an up-to-date version.  In fact,
 Michael> Xemacs21 seems to come with the jde as part of it, albeit an
 Michael> out-of-date version.  What would others suggest I do?

I don't know either speedbar or semantic bovinator, so I can't give
you an answer for the question I'm posing.

The question is "Is speedbar or semantic bovinator often useful
without the other?"  If so consider splitting them.  But there are
other questions like "By combining them am I taking up a lot of extra
possibly wasted room?"  If you aren't combine them.  It's always a
tradeoff.  Oh and my favorite question "What's the easiest solution
for me and will the users scream if I make that decision?"  :)


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