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Re: XEmacs/GTK packages

>>>>> "John" == John S Jacobs Anderson <jacobs@genehack.org> writes:

    John> on 5/31/00 9:07 AM, Karl M. Hegbloom at karlheg@bittersweet.inetarena.com
    John> wrote:

    >>>>>>> "jsja" == john s jacobs anderson <jacobs@genehack.org> writes:
    jsja> Are there any plans to package up William Perry's recent work?
    jsja> XEmacs/GTK has been stable on my local box for the past week or so,
    jsja> and it would be nice to have .debs instead of my built-outta-CVS
    jsja> version.
    >> It would probably take a full day to get James LewisMoss' XEmacs 21
    >> Debian build setup ported to it.

    John> A full day for *you*, or a full day for Joe User^W^Wme? I might have time to
    John> look at it this weekend or next, if it's just a matter of patching a couple
    John> of things in non-complex ways.

    John> If it's large scale source/Makefile/.deb packaging hackery, then I'm
    John> probably not the person for the job...

 Have a look.  If you get it done, put it up for ftp and ask on
 debian-devel for a review and sponsor.

    John> john,
    John> all too aware of his limitations...

 Time is the main limitation.

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