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Question on auto-mode-alist


I didn't found anything in the Debian policy, nor in the
Debian emacs policy, and nothing in the Debian emacsen
mailing list, so:  Is there anything I can do about file
extensions, that Emacs already treats as something else?
In my new package ttcn-el, I want to handle .mp files
(TTCN.MP), while GNU Emacs normally has assigned this
extension to MetaPost files.

My current solution is, not to include the new extension
in the auto-mode-alist and just to document that users
have to put it in their .emacs, but it would be nice to
have a mechanism similar to our different MIME-handlers.
Is there something like this in Debian?

TIA.  Cheers,
W. Borgert <debacle@debian.org>

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