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help! upgrade from tm *not* smooth! :(

So far, I am very much NOT happy with the disappearance of tm.  I've
tried the various semi/wemi things, and they seem to be very much
hit-and-miss, where tm worked fine.  Possibly I'm just doing something
wrong, so I'd like to solicit tips and suggestions.

Basic symptom: since switching from tm to semi (or wemi, I forget,
I've tried several), I see lines in my gnus summary like this:

   [  13: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Nicol] Bug#45406: [PROPOSAL] Config files must...

With tm, none of that "=?iso-8859" stuff appeared.  What gives?

I'm about to reinstall an older version of tm.  But this is a less
than perfect solution, and I'd like to find a better one....

(Semi-on-topic, insofar as tm was recently dropped from the unstable
archives, which is what brings me to this crisis point.)
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