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enhanced debian-changelog-mode.el prerelease 5

Now using submenus for Set Urgency/Distribution.  Plus I cleaned up
one more minor glitch someone found (I'll try to make a list of
contributors fairly soon).

This version is actually starting to have some fairly noticable diffs
with the original (stock) .el.  I've reorganized the functions,
preperatory to starting some fairly substantial changes.  I've already
rewritten a couple functions, and have much bigger changes planned.

This version still shares *most* bugs/missing-features with the
original.  I hope to end up with something noticably more robust in
the face of oddly misshapen changelog files, eventually.

Still available at http://www.debian.org/~xtifr/debian-changelog-mode.el

Feedback and comments still welcomed (patches are starting to get more
problematic as I make more dramatic changes, but are still nice).

Replies either to -emacsen or cc'd to me, please.

Chris Waters   xtifr@dsp.net | I have a truly elegant proof of the
      or    xtifr@debian.org | above, but it is too long to fit into
http://www.dsp.net/xtifr     | this .signature file.

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