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Re: Startup Issue -- Xemacs20

>>>>> "Brent" == Brent Fulgham <bfulgham@xpsystems.com> writes:

    Brent> I initially set up my Xemacs configuration when I was
    Brent> booting through Login.app on startup.  I recently stopped
    Brent> (booting at runlevel 3 instead of 4) and now when I start
    Brent> Xemacs my ".emacs" file is never read.

 Right after it starts, push `F1 l' for `view-lossage', and see if
 there's any messages about it.

 Does it not read it if you start XEmacs from an xterm command line?
 When you do that, does it print any messages to the terminal?

 You might try the -debug-init switch also.

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