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Startup Issue -- Xemacs20

This is probably one of those crazy configuration issues 
where the solution is so simple I will have to crawl into
a hole after you guys give me the answer, but....

I initially set up my Xemacs configuration when I was
booting through Login.app on startup.  I recently
stopped (booting at runlevel 3 instead of 4) and now
when I start Xemacs my ".emacs" file is never read.

I eventually got a temporary workaround by adding
a link to my .emacs file into the /emacs/site-start.d
directory, which insures it is loaded when I start
Xemacs.  However, this is a horrible kludge and would
certainly not be suitable if I were running a multi-
user machine.

Can anyone shed light on why this might be happening?



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