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Re: Athena Widgets -- Emacs20

>>>>> "Brent" == Brent Fulgham <bfulgham@xpsystems.com> writes:

    Brent> I'm new to the whole Emacs world (being a long-time VIM
    Brent> user) -- so please bear with me.

    Brent> Can Emacs20 be configured to use something under X besides
    Brent> those hideous Athena widgets?  (Like for instance the Xaw3d
    Brent> or other widget chrome?)

 Dunno.  Rob Browning will...  I hope he's on the list.

 I will build XEmacs with athena3d.

 <expecting flames which I will likely ignore.>

    Brent> Also, I tried installing Xemacs21, but was foiled by errors
    Brent> indicating that it could not identify (during
    Brent> install-emacs) a reasonable default directory for
    Brent> documents, executables, libraries, etc.

    Brent> Do I have something configured terribly wrong?

 Nope.  Blame it on James.  He missed something in a fairly
 complicated build setup, and it's got the wrong directory compiled
 in.  I'm going to try and have one out by the end of next week...

 I hope it's ready by then.  I think I understand the setup pretty
 well now...

 Please downgrade to the `slink' version until then.

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