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Re: Gnucientw or similar for Xemacs on WinNT?

inhotch@sdrc.com (Ric Hotchkiss) writes:

> I have been using gnuclientw to run FSF Emacs on Windows NT. I would like to
> use Xemacs instead. Does anyone know how to get the same functionality for
> Xemacs?

The cygwin and Unix versions of XEmacs come with gnuclient.
Unfortunately it has not been ported to the native Windows NT version


P.S. I do not know how much the NTEmacs people changed their spinoff
versions but if you take the the gnuserv and gnuclient executables
_and_ the gnuserv.el executables from NTEmacs it could work. (You wont 
get all the new features of the XEmacs version then, but the basics
should work).

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