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Missing functions in XEmacs-21.1.2?! (Was: Re: XEmacs 21)

>>>>> "Gus" == Gus  <gusl@cse.unsw.edu.au> writes:

    Gus> On Wed, Jun 23, 1999 at 12:34:43AM +0200, Paul Seelig wrote:
    >> dres@ioa.com (James LewisMoss) writes:
    >> > I'm uploading XEmacs 21.1.2 packages to master as I write
    >> > this.  Anyone interested please take a look and let me know
    >> > what elisp packages you use frequently and you see missing.

    Gus> i'd be happy if i could use the funky built-in
    Gus> download-your-own packages feature, but it bombs out with:

    Gus>  Symbol's value as variable is void: allow-remote-paths

 I think that's because `dired' isn't there, YET.

    Gus> i'm only an xemacs _user_, and i'm not quite up on the elisp
    Gus> stuff.. am i supposed to have defined allow-remote-paths?

 Nope... welcome to unstable.  I'll be peeling that spud next week.

    Gus> (i've also noticed that its missing outline-mode, which it
    Gus> tends to use for lots of its own internals, so should
    Gus> probably be included in the base xemacs21 package)

 It will be in the `xemacs21-support' package at some point in the
 near future.

    Gus> i'd suggest putting together bundles of xemacs packages,
    Gus> like:
    Gus>  C/C++(/java?) devel modes shell/perl modes sgml/html/xml
    Gus>  modes tex (auctex, x-symbol?) modes gnus w3 etc

    Gus> of course, i'd probably choose to have most of these
    Gus> installed anyway..

 They will all be available as optionals.

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