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The unbundled XEmacs Lisp packages (Was: Re: XEmacs 21)

 Please respond to `debian-emacsen'.

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Seelig <pseelig@mail.Uni-Mainz.de> writes:

    Paul> dres@ioa.com (James LewisMoss) writes:
    >> I'm uploading XEmacs 21.1.2 packages to master as I write this.
    >> Anyone interested please take a look and let me know what elisp
    >> packages you use frequently and you see missing.
    Paul> Hmmm, XEmacs is unfortunately stripped of all essentials (at
    Paul> least for me) like AUCTeX/RefTEX, Gnus, dired, psgml and so
    Paul> on.  This makes it rather unusable for my terms (although
    Paul> anybody else's mileage will definitely vary in this very
    Paul> regard).  Is there any plan to debianize all those unbundled
    Paul> packages for adding it to this hopelessly bare XEmacs
    Paul> version?  If not, how is this going to be resolved
    Paul> considering our wonderful package management?

 I have a vague notion of how I will solve that problem.  There will
 be separate Debian packages of most of the upstream `xemacs-packages'
 lisp, which I will build as automagicly as possible from an anon CVS
 checkout of their sources.  I want to make it easy to keep up to

 Some of the essential stuff will ship with the xemacs21-support

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