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Bug#961490: fwupd: version in stable too old, no updates possible

Am Di., 26. Mai 2020 um 20:24 Uhr schrieb <Mario.Limonciello@dell.com>:
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> > From: Ansgar <ansgar@debian.org>
> > Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2020 8:01 AM
> > To: Steffen Schreiber; 961490@bugs.debian.org
> > Subject: Bug#961490: fwupd: version in stable too old, no updates possible
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> > Hi,
> >
> > On Tue, 2020-05-26 at 13:56 +0200, Steffen Schreiber wrote:
> > > So I see you marked this bug as fixed/resolved.
> >
> > Someone (not the maintainer) did so, but please note that the bug
> > remains open even when marked as fixed in a newer version.  Debian's
> > stable release team prefers bugs to be fixed in unstable/testing before
> > they get fixed in (old)stable, so this is good.
> The particular circumstances of this issue are that the update in question requires
> a newer version of fwupd than is in stable.  This is not a matter of just backporting
> a change or two and it works.  There are daemon and plugin level changes that have to
> go together to guarantee a proper update.
> This seems incompatible with the documentation around uploading to stable.
> https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/developers-reference/pkgs.html#upload-stable
> >
> > > What's the way going forward for users of stable? Installing packages
> > > from testing? Are you recommending to just forget about running Debian
> > > stable as is?
> >
> > The maintainer hasn't yet commented on how he wants to proceed.
> > Reasonable options seem to be to either update stable to the version
> > currently in testing (1.3.9) or to update to a later version of 1.2.X.
> >
> > Ansgar
> If a particular update requires a newer fwupd version I don't think it's reasonable
> to push that version to all Debian users who may not need the newer fwupd version
> and might not be willing to accept the risk of regressions in a newer version.
> "Fixes must be minimal and relevant"
> So in this circumstance if your device needs the newer version you should probably
> take the package from testing instead.

Maybe talk to the release-team - they will probably not like adding a
change this big, but exceptions are always possible (e.g. firefox-esr
is exempt from this rule).
In any case though, you could provide a backport of the latest version
for easy installation by stable users as the next-best option :-)


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