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Re: Support for other features + testing in real hardware

On 11/7/18 6:55 AM, Helen Koike wrote:
> It would be nice to start to write some tests to run in some CI.

Linaro has LAVA for CI of ARM hardware.


Redhat has an EFI CI project that may be helpful.


> 2) Which other features we need to improve regarding efi in Debian?
> * Secure boot
> * Measured boot: I am frankly not entirely sure what is required here, I
> guess https://sourceforge.net/projects/tboot/ ?
> * ?

The FWTS SecureBoot test only tests Ubuntu's key. To be more helpful, it
should have keys for all Debian-based distros, and -- as I understand
things -- the best update to the test would be to emulate the logic of
Redhat's dbxtool, which looks at both the DBX keys hosted on uefi.org
and microsoft.com to test SecureBoot keys.

> 3) If people are interested, we could organize a sprint (could be a
> remote meeting for a start) where we can show the hardware, work on the
> CI tests, discuss what is missing.

I have 4 Minnowboard2s that would be willing to participate in any
remote Debian EFI sprint. Currently they're getting setup at
BlackLodgeResearch.org hackerspace for some remote UEFI-centric remote
capture-the-flag events.


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