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Support for other features + testing in real hardware

Hi all,

In the last Debian cloud sprint, we met with Harry (in CC) from Intel
who provided us some hardware to test EFI (thank you Harry).

Harry provided two minnowboards Turbot Dual-E, which were given to me
and to Lucas (just because shipping to Brazil is not that easy).

With it we can flash the firmware, get more debug logs from the serial
output, I didn't see a TPM in this board but Harry shown us another
board with a TPM (but it was too big to fit in our luggage).

So I was wondering:

1) How can we best use the hardware:

It would be nice to start to write some tests to run in some CI.

I was thinking that we can make the hardware available somehow to the
Debian EFI team.
Steve, you mentioned that you have a lab. Maybe I can try to do the
same, could you share your setup with me so I can make this board
remotely available to the team (if it makes sense) somehow?

2) Which other features we need to improve regarding efi in Debian?
* Secure boot
* Measured boot: I am frankly not entirely sure what is required here, I
guess https://sourceforge.net/projects/tboot/ ?
* ?

3) If people are interested, we could organize a sprint (could be a
remote meeting for a start) where we can show the hardware, work on the
CI tests, discuss what is missing.

Please let me know your thoughts.


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