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Re: Secure Boot Multi distro support


Am 16.08.2018 um 00:10 schrieb adrian15:
>   Let's suppose that I am a final user that wants to multiboot Debian
> and another distro.
>   And let's suppose that I want to use Debian's Grub for that.
>   Can't I, isn't it ?

Yes: You install the SHIM from one of the signed Linux distributions and
load the public signing key of the other distributions into SHIM by
using the Mok-manager. SHIM has some Linux command line tools (Debian
package "mokutil") to upload those public keys into the EFI variable
store, which will trigger SHIM to boot into the Mok-manager on next
boot, where you have to interactively confirm those keys.

Use your favorite search engine for more details.


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