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Secure Boot and Grub monolithic build

So in Debconf18 UEFI talk we learn that Grub is built as a monolithic
image with all of the modules.

( 17:57 )

I'm not sure if it would be feasible technically but I might want to
reuse that grub into Super Grub2 Disk. So I am interested in how this
Grub has been built.

That is what changes have been made to the Grub package so that the Grub
build is forced to built into a monolithic way.

Can you please provide an link to some of the key commits on this
change? Or maybe a link to repo / branch with them and I'll figure it
out myself?

Thank you very much.

Super Grub2 Disk explanation

In case you didn't know Super Grub2 Disk is already built image of Grub
which can boot from USB or CDROM that autodetects all of your systems
and lets you boot into them.

It's aimed at rescue scenarios.


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