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Re: Question about installing Debian 8.0.3 arm64 on EUFI

On Mon, Mar 14, 2016 at 08:41:28PM -0700, Ronald Maas wrote:
> Hi,
> I flashed the Tianocore UEFI firmware on Gigabyte MP30-AR0 (AppliedMicro
> X-Gene 1 CPU) server using the procedure described on:
> https://rwmj.wordpress.com/

I presume the specific post you are referring to is

> https://lists.centos.org/pipermail/arm-dev/2016-February/thread.html#1619
> Unfortunatelly Debian Installer 8.3 fails to boot Linux when started from
> UEFI prompt. Steps:
> 1) Flash Debian 8.3 for arm64 on USB drive as instructed by the Debian
> Installation Guide for arm64
> 2) Boot into UEFI shell prompt
> 3) Issue commands:
>     set MAC0 fc:aa:14:e4:98:1f
>     set MAC1 fc:aa:14:e4:98:20
> 4) Select Install option after Grub starts successfully and hit <Enter>
> 5) Machine appears to be hanging for more than 15 minutes and needs to be
> rebooted
> Information on serial terminal (using Putty):
> EFI:stub: Booting Linux Kernel...
> L3c Cache: 8MB

Did you also follow the advise stated at the bottom of that post?:
Note: A few people have pointed out that the Gigabyte isn’t SBSA
compliant because it lacks the right serial port, RTC and WDT. However
it still boots RHELSA fine if you add console=ttyS0,115200.

If not, break into grub and edit the command line by typing 'c', and
add the suggested modification before the --- on the "linux" line.

There are a couple of reasons why the console might not be picked up
automatically - I am not sufficiently familiar with the Gigabyte
platform to tell which it is.



> Questions:
> 1) Any advise how I can start the Debian Installer from UEFI shell prompt?
> 2) Any boot arguments and/or debug options I can add to get more
> information?
> 3) Has Debian 8.3 successfullly installed on AppliedMicro Mustang board or
> any other X-Gene based computer using UEFI?
> 4) Should I file a bug report?
> Computer details:
> Gigabyte MP30-AR0
> 2 x 6 TB HGST Deskstar drives
> Note Centos 7.2 installed successfully using the exact same procedure as
> described above.
> Thanks in advance
> Ronald Maas

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