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Question about installing Debian 8.0.3 arm64 on EUFI


I flashed the Tianocore UEFI firmware on Gigabyte MP30-AR0 (AppliedMicro X-Gene 1 CPU) server using the procedure described on:


Unfortunatelly Debian Installer 8.3 fails to boot Linux when started from UEFI prompt. Steps:

1) Flash Debian 8.3 for arm64 on USB drive as instructed by the Debian Installation Guide for arm64
2) Boot into UEFI shell prompt
3) Issue commands:
    set MAC0 fc:aa:14:e4:98:1f
    set MAC1 fc:aa:14:e4:98:20
4) Select Install option after Grub starts successfully and hit <Enter>
5) Machine appears to be hanging for more than 15 minutes and needs to be rebooted

Information on serial terminal (using Putty):

EFI:stub: Booting Linux Kernel...
L3c Cache: 8MB

1) Any advise how I can start the Debian Installer from UEFI shell prompt?
2) Any boot arguments and/or debug options I can add to get more information?
3) Has Debian 8.3 successfullly installed on AppliedMicro Mustang board or any other X-Gene based computer using UEFI?
4) Should I file a bug report?

Computer details:
Gigabyte MP30-AR0
2 x 6 TB HGST Deskstar drives

Note Centos 7.2 installed successfully using the exact same procedure as described above.

Thanks in advance

Ronald Maas

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