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Re: FW: Bug#808831: fwupd: Please install the daemon in non-multiarch path

On 11 January 2016 at 17:21, Mario Limonciello
<mario_limonciello@dell.com> wrote:
> I believe the intention of this question was around if a single instance
> of the daemon should be able to support all architectures hosted on the
> system.  For example on a 64 bit system is there any reason that you
> would install and run both the 64 bit and 32 bit versions side by side?
> Or would the 64 bit daemon normally be handling all requests?

I'd hope the 64 bit daemon could handle everything.

> If so then my understanding is the reporter is saying that it makes more
> sense to install to a non-multiarch path such as /usr/lib/fwupd/ instead
> of /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/fwupd.

Makes sense to me.


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