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Re: FW: Bug#808831: fwupd: Please install the daemon in non-multiarch path

[ CCing to the list too in case other folks have comments ]

On Thu, Jan 07, 2016 at 03:03:35PM -0600, Mario_Limonciello@Dell.com wrote:

Hey Mario,

Happy New Year!

>I have been out on holiday and then ill so I just committed fixes for
>two of these reported issues.


>On this third can I get your advice? It's presumptuous to assume that
>the daemon can handle all architectures on the system isn't it?  Is
>this something that really should be changed?

Oh, that's a good question actually :-). It probably *should* cope
with architectures generically , but I'm not sure how sane/hard that's
likely to be without digging into the code right now. I'd expect that
for most things it should be fine, but EFI interaction might be

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