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Bug#1005841: debian-edu-config: No TJENER print queues appearing on Debian Edu clients, print queues named not like queue name on TJENER

Hi Mike,

[ Mike Gabriel, 2022-02-15 ]
> Package: debian-edu-config
> Severity: important
> Version: 2.12.16
> Control: found -1 2.11.56+deb11u3
> If allowing read access to /etc/cups/cups-browsed-debian-edu.conf in
> apparmor (see #1005813), the current configuration won't create remote CUPS
> printer queues on Debian Edu workstations.
> To make CUPS printer queues on TJENER available on Debian Edu workstations,
> one needs to set "CreateRemoteCUPSPrinterQueues Yes" in
> /etc/cups/cups-browsed(-debian-edu).conf.

"CreateRemoteCUPSPrinterQueues No" has been used intentionally.

The existing (centralized) approach has been documented, see:


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