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Bug#1005841: debian-edu-config: No TJENER print queues appearing on Debian Edu clients, print queues named not like queue name on TJENER

Package: debian-edu-config
Severity: important
Version: 2.12.16
Control: found -1 2.11.56+deb11u3

If allowing read access to /etc/cups/cups-browsed-debian-edu.conf in apparmor (see #1005813), the current configuration won't create remote CUPS printer queues on Debian Edu workstations.

To make CUPS printer queues on TJENER available on Debian Edu workstations, one needs to set "CreateRemoteCUPSPrinterQueues Yes" in /etc/cups/cups-browsed(-debian-edu).conf.

Another really helpful parameter is this. It assures that remote print queues locally (on Debian Edu workstations) have the same name as the print queues on the remote server (i.e. TJENER).

LocalQueueNamingRemoteCUPS RemoteName

Currently, print queues are called <Make-Model>_<remoteserver>. This is not really well accepted by teachers at the school I support. Printers need a queue name under which to address them, talk about them.



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