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WhosWho: a free software to create whos's who / yearbook / facebook in PDF format (again)

Hi list,

Almost two years ago, I briefly presented on this list a free software I wrote, that runs on Linux desktop and which is intended to help schools doing who's who / yeabook / facebook of their pupils in PDF format [1], called WhosWho [2]. The only free and offline alternative I know of is Trombisco (http://openacademie.fr/trombinosco/), which only runs on Windows.

As I believe WhosWho can be of interest for Debian Edu users, I am asking for help: I am currently stuck at building the software with translations done on Weblate (particularly to generate .desktop file and Appstream metainfo file) and more generally to provide a proper build system. I suppose this should be done by improving setup.py, but could not find how. Note that I am not a programmer, so my skills in this domain are really basic.

Also, do not hesitate to tell me if you think I should ask elsewhere.


1. https://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/2020/05/msg00018.html
2. https://framagit.org/Yvan-Masson/WhosWho

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