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Re: Bug#1003727: debian-edu-config: exim4 on TJENER does not accept system mails from Debian Edu clients

Hi Wolfgang,

On  Fr 14 Jan 2022 20:27:18 CET, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:

[ Petter Reinholdtsen, 2022-01-14 ]
[Mike Gabriel]
> @Petter: btw, do you have an idea, why things fail on a Debian Edu
> bullseye TJENER? My exim4 competence is zero. Postfix would be easy.
> Some help is much appreciated.

No idea, too long since I looked at SMTP stuff. :)

Try this one:

diff --git a/etc/exim4/exim-ldap-server-v4.conf b/etc/exim4/exim-ldap-server-v4.conf
index 6bf04762..dd9f6205 100644
--- a/etc/exim4/exim-ldap-server-v4.conf
+++ b/etc/exim4/exim-ldap-server-v4.conf
@@ -204,6 +204,7 @@ begin acl
 # ACL that is used after the RCPT command
   accept local_parts = postmaster
+  accept local_parts = root
   # Exim 3 had no checking on -bs messages, so for compatibility
   # we accept if the source is local SMTP (i.e. not over TCP/IP).
   # We do this by testing for an empty sending host field.

Yep, that works.



(can't contribute much these days due to age related health issues)

Oh dear, this is sad to hear. May you become well again!!!


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