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Re: Bug#1003727: debian-edu-config: exim4 on TJENER does not accept system mails from Debian Edu clients

[ Petter Reinholdtsen, 2022-01-14 ]
> [Mike Gabriel]
> > @Petter: btw, do you have an idea, why things fail on a Debian Edu  
> > bullseye TJENER? My exim4 competence is zero. Postfix would be easy.  
> > Some help is much appreciated.
> No idea, too long since I looked at SMTP stuff. :)

Try this one:

diff --git a/etc/exim4/exim-ldap-server-v4.conf b/etc/exim4/exim-ldap-server-v4.conf
index 6bf04762..dd9f6205 100644
--- a/etc/exim4/exim-ldap-server-v4.conf
+++ b/etc/exim4/exim-ldap-server-v4.conf
@@ -204,6 +204,7 @@ begin acl
 # ACL that is used after the RCPT command
   accept local_parts = postmaster
+  accept local_parts = root
   # Exim 3 had no checking on -bs messages, so for compatibility
   # we accept if the source is local SMTP (i.e. not over TCP/IP).
   # We do this by testing for an empty sending host field.


(can't contribute much these days due to age related health issues) 

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