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Wichtige Änderung Wir steigen um! Bug#987327: marked as done (autopkgtests for debian-edu-doc binary packages) Bug#989936: marked as done (make clean should clean images-tmp dir) Bug#996103: debian-edu-config: missing real support for LTSP chroot creation and maintenance Content and translation status for the debian-edu-bookworm manual Content and translation status for the debian-edu-bullseye manual debian-edu-config_2.11.56+deb11u2_source.changes ACCEPTED into proposed-updates->stable-new debian-edu-config_2.12.11_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debian-edu-config_2.12.12_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debian-edu-config_2.12.13_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debian-edu-config_2.12.14_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debian-edu-doc: status change on debian-edu-doc_2.12.3_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debian-edu-doc_2.12.4_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debian-edu-doc_2.12.5_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debian-edu_2.12.3_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable debian-edu_2.12.4_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Processed: Bug#996103 marked as pending in debian-edu-config Processing of debian-edu-config_2.11.56+deb11u2_source.changes Processing of debian-edu-config_2.12.11_source.changes Processing of debian-edu-config_2.12.12_source.changes Processing of debian-edu-config_2.12.13_source.changes Processing of debian-edu-config_2.12.14_source.changes Processing of debian-edu-doc_2.12.3_source.changes Processing of debian-edu-doc_2.12.4_source.changes Processing of debian-edu-doc_2.12.5_source.changes Processing of debian-edu_2.12.3_source.changes Processing of debian-edu_2.12.4_source.changes The last update was on 16:00 GMT Sun Nov 28. There are 33 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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