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Bug#996103: debian-edu-config: missing real support for LTSP chroot creation and maintenance

[ Wolfgang Schweer, 2021-10-11 ]
> A wrapper tool for the 'ltsp ipxe' command needs to be added to allow 
> one to easily update the iPXE menue after changing the default netboot 
> menue item after /etc/ltsp/ltsp.conf file edits.

I noticed that a wrapper tool is also needed for the new LTSP 'ltsp 
initrd' command (which generates /srv/tftp/ltsp/ltsp.img for all use 

The Debian Edu LTSP setup (with X2Go thin client support included) needs 
to use case specific LTSP initrds located in case related directories 
(as opposed to vanilla LTSP). Updating ltsp.img is eg. needed after the 
/etc/ltsp/ltsp.conf [clients] section has been modified. This is 
supposed to be the case for LTSP clients running in real world 

The tool is now available in Git [1] and should IMO also go into 
bullseye once tested.


[1] https://deb.li/jLcI

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