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Re: pam-python: Python2 removal in sid/bullseye


> I wonder what the state of this issue is.
> I looked at the code and somehow it has a few hints on (at least
> partial?) Python 3 compatibility.
> Russell, can you give me a short update on how far this got? Can we
> somehow get to the goal of making this fully work with Python 3? Maybe
> even for bullseye…

Never mind, I just realised that pam-python is licensed under AGPL
and is thus not suitable for Debian Edu IMHO.

@Mike, @Petter: Did you realise that pam-python is AGPL? It means that
we cannot provide terminal servers or netbooting in Debian Edu without
placing a prominent link to pam-python's sources on the desktop…

@Russell: Can you please relicence pam-python under a less insane

If the latter fails, we should either rewrite such a module under
a less restrictie licence, or rewrite libpam-mklocaluser in C or Rust,
or get rid of the need for libpam-mklocaluser (probably by using

Looking forward to everyone's thoughts,

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