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Re: Buster manual

Hi José,

José Vieira schreef op vr 02-04-2021 om 14:27 [+0100]:

Hi Frans,

Sorry for the late reply. And thank you for your thorough explanation. Appreciated.
I understand that the Debian process is not as straight forward or as flexible as people (myself, at least) would like it to be. And, as it doesn't depend on you, Debian Edu people, I won't complain to you about it, of course. I can just show my surprise to see that the Debian guys seem to take documentation packages (a "handbook", in the case) as any other packages, as if they would have any implications on the system itself. To me, documentation packages should be the very last to get into the system, giving people the opportunity to introduce the last info on the supporting documents, to translate those last introduced texts, to accommodate translations of the manual to languages that didn't have translations before, if they get ready meanwhile, etc. But, I may be wrong of course, since I don't know the debian process.

You should certainly understand two things in this regard. First of all, in the last stages of the freeze process, packages can only be added or changed if strict criteria are met, which usually means that release-critical bugs can be closed as a result. A second thing is that after the release of debian-edu bullseye, the manual for debian-edu buster will only be included for historical reasons in the bullseye debian-edu-doc packages, including in debian-edu-doc-pt-pt, because users which will install debian-edu will have to rely on the accompanying bullseye manual.

An other point is the project on hosted.weblate. I'm surprised by the fact that nobody seems to have realized that if there is a "resource" (a "language") listed, very likely it'll be only a question time until someone clicks on it, and so people should be prepared to deal with it.

I indeed could have blocked the pt option on hosted-weblate, and maybe I should have done so. But checking all the possible options provided on hosted-weblate for all projects hosted there, for their compatibility with debian's actual localization infrastructure status would be a difficult and error-prone task, which I would have to revise upon any change in that area.

Anyway, I just meant to help, not to cause trouble.

Sure, and this of course is still much appreciated.

Help you guys by helping with making the manual available to more people, and help people who do not speak English to have the manual -- i.e., the info on how to use the system -- in their own "normal" language.

In this regard, I am still convinced that it may be worthwhile to ask for advice on the  mailing lists debian-l10n-portuguese@lists.debian.org and debian-devel-portuguese@lists.debian.org regarding the issue of coexistent pt-pt and pt versions of the debian-edu-doc package. Portuguese is used on these mailing lists.

Thus, you guys justdo what you have or need to do, it'll be ok for me.

Kind regards,

José Vieira

Kind regards, Frans Spiesschaert

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