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Re: Content and translation status for the debian-edu-bullseye manual


On Sun, Mar 14, 2021 at 12:54:35PM +0100, Frans Spiesschaert wrote:
> > If I understand this correctly, both manual translations concern 
> > European Portuguese, pt-pt using recent and official, pt (once ready) 
> > older orthography.
> > [atm pt is a pt-pt clone]
> As far as I understand there is still a discussion going on between
> Portuguese translators (
> https://hosted.weblate.org/translate/debian-edu-documentation/debian-edu-bullseye/pt_PT/?checksum=cc3a3b8aeba83df4
> ) about which way to go here. Maybe we could wait and see what will be the
> final conclusions of it and then ask for clarifications if deemed useful or
> necessary.
says  "we agreed to standardize around pt and pt_BR, so that the former can 
also be used by Portuguese speakers outside Portugal (Angola, Mozambique, etc.),
whose Portuguese should be close to the Lisbon variant" so I believe the
way to go is two new binary packages, debian-edu-doc-pt and debian-edu-doc-pt-br,

I'd like to stage that in experimental soon, to prepare this for uploading
to unstable, to have a chance to still make it into bullseye! ;)


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