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Re: Content and translation status for the debian-edu-bullseye manual

Hi Wolfgang and Holger,

Wolfgang Schweer schreef op zo 14-03-2021 om 11:39 [+0100]:
> [ Holger Levsen, 2021-03-14 ]
> > debian-edu-bullseye-manual.pt-pt.po: 1124 translated messages, 1 fuzzy
> > translation.
> > debian-edu-bullseye-manual.pt.po: 1124 translated messages, 1 fuzzy
> > translation.
> If I understand this correctly, both manual translations concern 
> European Portuguese, pt-pt using recent and official, pt (once ready) 
> older orthography.
> [atm pt is a pt-pt clone]

As far as I understand there is still a discussion going on between
Portuguese translators (
) about which way to go here. Maybe we could wait and see what will be the
final conclusions of it and then ask for clarifications if deemed useful or

> If added, debian-edu-bullseye-manual.pt-br.po would be a translation
> into 
> Brasilian Portuguese.
> So we would end up with up to three new binary packages?
> Wolfgang

Kind regards,
Frans Spiesschaert

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